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Sign your pooch up for private dog training lessons in Bangor, ME

Does your dog get easily distracted by other animals? Private dog training lessons might be right for you. Titanium k-9 offers private dog training so your dog can learn good behavior and useful tricks without being surrounded by the smells, sights and sounds of other dogs.

A private lesson lasts one hour. Rates are $80 per lesson. We can customize your dog's training to fit your needs. Having a private lesson means you can make sure we focus on the areas where your dog is struggling.

In addition to teaching your dog, we're teaching you how to handle your dog and how to encourage better behavior in your furry friend. That's why it's important for both dog and owner to be present.

Contact us today to discuss the private dog training lessons we offer throughout Bangor, ME.

We'll give your dog our undivided attention

By signing up for one-on-one dog training, you can make sure that your dog isn't distracted by any other pupils. We'll teach your dog new commands and good behavior with ease.

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