Eliminate Your Dog's Bad Habits in Bangor, ME

Adjust your pup's manners with our dog behavior modification

Are you struggling to teach your dog commands like sit and stay? Does your dog have a lot of accidents in the house? Titanium k-9 can help. We offer dog behavior modification training to get rid of unwanted behavior your dog exhibits.

We can work on training dogs that:

  • Show aggression toward other animals
  • Show aggression toward humans
  • Eat aggressively at mealtime
  • Act out in unexpected ways

Contact us today to learn more about our dog behavior modification program in Bangor, ME.

Help your dog get along better with other people and animals

Aggressive dogs can certainly be a challenge. We offer animal aggression training for dogs to help train out those unwanted tendencies. If your dog growls and snarls when meeting other dogs instead of wagging their tail, you might be interested in this program.

Our services are available to all dogs, no matter their breed or age. We charge $90 per lesson.

Call now to sign your dog up for animal aggression training for dogs in Bangor, ME.