Train Your Pup to Be Best in Show Material

Discover the benefits of day training for dogs in Bangor, ME

You can count on us to provide your dog with structure and instruction during day training. Titanium k-9 hosts daily training programs where you can bring your dog for lessons. You can drop off your dog in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon. Our day training for dogs is a win-win: it frees up your day and teaches your dog good behavior.

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Bring Rover on over for our day training program

You'll be impressed by the change in your dog after just a few sessions of our day training program for dogs. We help dogs learn self-control, following directions and a whole host of other important dog training behaviors.

During training, we'll work on:

  • General manners
  • Socialization
  • Good behavior
  • Making sure your dog is learning

Training is scheduled by the day and paid by the day. We charge $35 per day, and we require an initial consultation and private lesson before you begin day training.

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